Chugging Sparkling Water Goes Horribly Wrong

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Hello everyone, this is YOUR Daily Dose of Internet. In this video, I show you how chugging sparkling water can go horribly wrong.

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Also in this video, a scam caller calls an elevator phone. A guy tries chugging sparkling water without burping. Scientists know how to make lightning strike on command. There is a billboard in Japan with a realistic 3D cat. There are large dandelions.

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    Caden Anderson

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    Those mountains are amazing!

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      I hate daily dose

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      @Flamingo 🅥 no lol

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      I often miss your videos because they look like random videos you need a tag line in your titles like DDOI Or something

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      Rebecca Smalley

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      @Flamingo 🅥 lol

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    1:03 (☞ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)☞ have fun laughing

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    Your not talking to an elevator Your talking it over with yourself.Nuthin wrong with that *

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    Salsify roots are edible

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    Everyone: *enjoying the video*
    Me: oOoO BoUnCY aNtS

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    Did you see rainier on the way in??

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    i ligit watched the guy who chugged sparkining water for 5 muinites straight

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    1:19 yeah so we control the weather now

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    3:08 Dark Souls 3 mountains for sure

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    First time in forever his thumbnail didn't match the first video

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    Don’t mess with the weather mate I’ve seen it happens and it’s not pretty

  • Dj Hill

    Dj Hill

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    aloof galaxy

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    @ 1:16 sounds like smacks lips noiccce guy meme 👌



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    I’ve decided the criteria for me to like the video is that I have to learn something and laugh at something

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      Si Hopebgood

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      A whole 0:47 seconds in.

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    What if someone was sentenced to death but by lightning strike

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    Team Manikganje - Gaming

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    Thumbnail was not the first clip
    Me : My pain is immeasurable and my day is ruined

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    Miss Understood

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    Those scientists need to stop playing with natural physics.

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    Jason Gryniewicz is one of the best YouTubers out there

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    Jeanette Hooker-Soliana

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    That the big cat had a collar which means it has or did have an owner. Which makes me wonder? What kind of tyrant was able to control that thing🤨

  • Drae GG

    Drae GG

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    My friend tried chugging a soda did not go well

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    3.75yrs old me---Yeah now i will check that planes info and seat and everything to find ur real name and you

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    Insert Name Here

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    Mike G

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    1:19 most of us are thinking "wow cool", some of us are worrying about how long it takes the Pentagon to get this weaponized effectively. P.S. Like your own footage you include too, solid stuff.

  • Drinksomestew


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    Ants are gta characters falling down a hill

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    Cool, Btw I didn't ask • 82 years ago

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    I Remember chugging sparkling water and my I felt they was sulfuric acid being poured down my throat.

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    Voltaic Fire

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    General Username

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